BYKE Collective Inc. 

Fushion Partnership Program

403 East Oliver Street, Baltimore MD 21202


The BYKE Collective is a youth enrichment program dedicated to personal and professional development through learning bicycle mechanics, practicing safe ridership, and building community.

BYKE is open and available to young people ages 10-17.


School year
    Open Shop:
        Tue: 3pm - 6:00pm
        Thu: 3pm - 6:00pm
    Young Ladies Only Open Shop:
        Wed: 3pm-6pm

Extend Hours for the Summer TBA

 Closed January & February


Young people come to BYKE to learn mechanics and fix bicycles. We have a comprehensive, STEM based curriculum, including one-on-one guidance from Mechanic Mentors.When youth come to BYKE the can fix their own bicycles, or earn credit for parts/bikes by helping others, helping the shop, or focused learning. Youth facilitate meetings everyday to discuss goals, accomplishments and frustrations, as well as issues faced inside and outside the shop. We encourage ownership, accountability and appreciation. Using restorative justice practices, BYKE strives to tackle school-to-prison 'landslide' and violence prevention.

Repair Bikes

BYKE provides a safe space for young people to maintain and repair their bicycles. The staff and volunteers of BYKE are ready to help solve any bike-related issue that may come up so people have access to safe, reliable transportation.

Empower Bike Culture

BYKE is dedicated to empowering and uplifting bike culture. The way we bike should be celebrated.

Earn Credit

Young people can earn parts they want or need, or even entire bicycles with our credit system. Credit is earned by positively contribute to out BYKE community: helping others fix their bicycles, working on shop projects, or learning specific skills.

Group Rides

Youth plan group rides around the city, providing an opportunity to practice safe ridership in traffic and get to know new areas in Baltimore.  

Build Community

At the end of every shop day, BYKE members conduct a youth-facilitated meet to reflect on their goals, frustrations, and accomplishments. We have a space to discuss issues young people face inside and outside the shop. We end our meetings with thank yous and words of affirmation.

Workforce Development

Any 14-17 year old who demonstrates an ability to not only fix bicycles, but can also teach to fix, show positive role modeling, develop leadership skills, and demonstrate commitment is eligible for a summer internship.Young people who stand out during the summers are eligible to work during the school year as well.