Our wonderful city is home to bald eagles, crabs, foxes and many other resourceful creatures who make do, and often thrive, in a sometime hostile urban environment. They also provide invaluable resources and services to the environment and ecosystem. Baltimoreans are especially gritty, and we're proud of it. So let us pay tribute to those who survive, thrive, and support strong, healthy communities by following their example. Let's scavenge!


On the day of the event with a list of things to find. Ride your bike around town finding as many things on the list as you can, taking photos of them, and accruing points. This is a competition, but it is also created to be a fun way to explore the city and get outside.


There are a plethora of prizes donated by local businesses like Baltimore Bicycle Works, Cutlass Velo, Union Craft Brewing, Peabody Height Brewing, Ace Hardware and more! All proceeds will benefit BYKE Collective! Thanks for signing up and supporting strong communities.

BYKE Collective Inc.  bykecollective@gmail.com 410.989.3806  403 East Oliver Street, Baltimore MD 21202

Fusion Partnerships Program