Allen (he/him) Volunteer & Advisory Board Member Loves biking and BYKE

Chavi (she/her) Founder & Advisory Board Member Ask me a riddle.

Eric (he/him) Golden Fleet Intern 1st & Advisory Board Member Let's talk about computers

Fonso (he/him) Mechanic Mentor His laugh is contagious

Lee (he/him) Lead Mechanic Mentor Can fix your bike with his eyes close.

Isaac (he/him) Advisory Board Member Has dad jokes on deck.

Montaze (he/him) Golden Fleet 1st & Advisory Board Member Wants to be an underwater welder.

Matan aka Manny (he/ him) Always down for a ride.

Rochelle (she/her) Mentor Mechanic Wrenches like no other.

EZ (he/him) Golden Fleet 2nd & Mentor Mechanic Knows how to drop a good bike video.

Kieran (she/her they/them) Golden Fleet 2nd & Mentor Mechanic Best dry humor

NaDonya (she/her) Golden Fleet 2nd, Mechanic Mentor & Advisory Board Member Wants to be a lawyer.

Mike (he/him) Program Director Starts his day with Pizza and Coffee

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Fusion Partnerships Program